Commit to fit


noun | /grit/

Firmness of mind or spirit; tenacity, perseverance, commitment, courage, determination, willpower, and fearlessness, towards a long term goal.

Results do not come overnight

Just as it takes commitment to the FIT lifestyle for long term results, at GRIT we are committed to each client to make sure that they not only get those results, but also the knowledge they need to continue to lead this lifestyle way beyond the workout.

GRIT is different

At GRIT we offer a unique kids fitness program where classes are designed to motivate and inspire kids to embrace that fit/active lifestyle in a FUN and SAFE environment. This class is for all kids- not just young athletes.   Our goal is to help kids develop greater self esteem, improve their attention, fall in love with fitness and become a generation of fit kids with GRIT.

GRIT goes beyond the workout

GRIT fitness believes that the best results are achieved through proper diet and nutrition and therefore educates and gives guidance for all GRIT members specifically in this area.

Efficient classes so you don’t waste time

We utilize class time very efficiently so you can be assured that each workout is designed to give you the best outcome. At GRIT, it’s like having the benefit of a personal trainer with the encouragement and motivation from the group.

Do you have GRIT?